Flower Girl Baskets

Classic and Unique Flower Girl Baskets for Weddings

Watching a flower girl sprinkle flower petals down the aisle before the bride makes her appearance is one of the most time-honored wedding traditions. Because of this, you'll want to make sure that the flower girl basket is as beautiful as can be. In our flower girl basket collection, we have distinct basket styles to coordinate with the rest of your wedding, whether it's a rustic, barn-style affair or something romantic and vintage-inspired. Opt for a classic picnic-style flower basket for a more traditional wedding or choose an elegant metal option. Find the petal holder that perfectly matches your wedding vision.

Traditional Flower Girl Baskets

Weddingstar carries baskets perfect for holding fresh flower petals. Our classic flower girl basket features a traditional square basket shape and natural coloring for a fresh, attractive look. Ideal for a country charm décor scheme or an outdoor ceremony. With two handles, the flower girl can carry the basket down the aisle with ease. The adorable basket is perfect for an adorable little girl.

Vintage-Style Flower Girl Baskets 

For something a bit more ornate, Weddingstar offers a wire flower girl basket. With a distressed white finish and long handle will make the basket a beautiful statement piece in your flower girl’s hands. Plus, the single handle is easy for the young girl to carry on one arm, leaving the other free to toss petals. The unique wire construction allows the petals inside to show through for a beautiful effect. The chic flower girl basket is ideal for matching a vintage wedding theme but its unique industrial style means it can be paired with certain modern motifs.

Flower Basket Accessories

Check out our accessories section to find fun little add-ons to customize your flower girl basket even more. We’ve included cute little extras and ornamental items like decorative ribbons and fake flower petals– Perfect for filling the petal basket to the brim. Inexpensive and practical, you can supplement the real flower petals on the big day with cute faux rose or hydrangea petals to give your flower girl more material to work with. That way, she can have fun with the flower petals instead of conserving them on her trip down the aisle. They’re also easier to clean up after the fact.