Place Cards

Place Cards

You’ve put a lot of thought into your seating plan and place cards are the perfect way to help your guests to the right seat!

Explore our collection of elegant paper cardstock place cards. We have unique and beautiful table cards for every wedding theme and color scheme. Some selections are left entirely blank with simple laser-cut accents. In contrast, others are printed with specialty designs with personalization options to add custom-printed wedding details like the bride and groom's name, their married name, their monogram initials, and the wedding date. You can even use the available personalization space to say a small thank you to each guest. Then, when the personalized place cards arrive, you only have to add each guest's first and last name, handwritten in your best calligraphy or with a fabulous, printed label.

Included in our stationery place card selection are different card styles. You'll find both flat and folding tent cards. Your choice depends on the look you're trying to achieve with their placement on your wedding reception tables. Tented place cards are great because they stand independently and are easy for guests to see. You can even write the guests' names on both sides so others can see them from across the table. That way, you help to introduce your guests to one another. Flat cards are simple and offer different display options. The bride and groom can lay them flat on the table settings or use a decorative place card holder to display the name card. Choosing a creative theme-matching holder that complements the rest of the table décor turns the place card into a decorative accent.

Place cards aren’t only for the wedding reception either. Because they are available at a cheap price, the bride and groom can order place cards for other wedding occasions that might require seating assignments like the engagement party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner. With two sides of the family coming together as one at these gatherings, having everyone’s names displayed can be a great way to begin family introductions and a lot more tasteful than other options like name tags. 



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