Wine Bottle Labels

Personalized Wine Bottle Labels

Whether you’re looking to personalize the toasting bottles on your wedding tables or want to give a unique personalized wine bottle as a gift, our custom printed wine labels work great in both situations. 

Available in two different sizes, the sticker labels are versatile, and you can put them on all kinds of alcohol bottles, not just wine. This includes mini bottles! That way if the person in mind doesn’t like wine, you can put the label to a bottle of champagne, prosecco, whiskey, bourbon, or gin, or whatever the giftee likes best. Your labels can go on any bottle you imagine, but we recommend removing the existing label first for the best effect. Because they’re available at a cheap price, you can get the labels in the quantities needed for a large event or for a single bottle.

Depending on the special occasions and the aesthetics of the design, the labels provide a different personalization framework. Still, each label design has space for you to add the details you want to make the adhesive label extra special. You can keep it simple for a wedding and add the bride and groom’s names, the wedding date, or a set of monogrammed initials. If the wine is for another event, or occasion, or it’s a gift, you can at the gift receiver’s name or a short message—traditional greetings or well wishes like Happy Birthday or Congratulations. With a personalized label, you don’t even need a card! The labels are a cool, modern way to do your bridesmaid proposals too. Just write a proposal message on the label and present the wine bottle to your intended bridesmaids to ask them to be part of your bridal party. Or, print out a series of thank you labels to put them on a wine bottle before giving them to a party host to thank them for having you over. There are endless creative ways to use the labels.

We’ve even developed a special line of photo labels. You can upload your chosen photo and have it printed on the adhesive label in addition to a name, set of monogrammed initials, or date. The photo labels are a beautiful, inexpensive way to customize a wine bottle. Plus, they share formats with the rest of our photo stationery collection. You can match the wine labels to your invitations, save the dates, and thank you cards.



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